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Go Forth and Murder is the fourth episode of the My Favorite Murder podcast.


The ladies touch on Making A Murderer theories before delving into child killer Cropsey and the murder of Michele Wallace. Plus listener hometown stories including Adam Walsh, the girl in the box, and the Petaluma Tickler.

Cases discussed[]

  • Steven Avery, Wisconsin man convicted then exonerated of sexual assault and attempted murder in 1985 and convicted of another murder in 2007; subject of the documentary series Making a Murderer.
  • Andre Rand, Staten Island kidnapper and suspected serial killer active in the 1970s and 80s, subject of the documentary Cropsey.
  • Michele Wallace, Colorado woman murdered in 1974 by Roy Melanson after giving him a ride; Melanson is also linked to multiple other murders and previously served 13 years of a life sentence for rape.[1]
  • Petaluma tickler, unidentified serial predator suspected of breaking into homes in Petaluma, CA in 2003 and sexually assaulting sleeping children.
  • Adam Walsh, six-year-old Florida boy abducted from a Sears department store and murdered in 1981 whose father, John Walsh, went on to become a victims' advocate and host America's Most Wanted; Code Adam is named in his memory.
  • Colleen Stan, Oregon woman abducted while hitchhiking to California in 1977 and kept as a sex slave by Cameron and Janice Hooker for 7 years; a.k.a. the Girl in the Box.
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